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Front Page - Friday, September 16, 2022

More options than ever available for stairway design

Although a staircase is typically used functionally as a transitional area between one level to another, some designers use them as an element to emphasize innovation and a home’s personality.

Stairs include standard components like landings, stringers, posts, newel posts and balusters. A good staircase design will include not only safety for the users but also comfort and an aesthetic appeal.

Besides function, a staircase can provide a creative addition to any interior space. Indeed, stairways can make stunning statements if designed with the right form, material and placement.

The types of staircases that can inspire the look and feel of a home are endless, as designers continue to push the envelope. Here are a few types to get the inspiration flowing:

Spiral staircases

Initially designed to save space, spiral staircases run the gamut from purely functional to fabulous. Whether a contemporary simple design or a traditional chic one, a spiral staircase will always be on trend.

Riserless stairs

In contrast to closed tread stairs, this option uses fewer materials, creates a less bulky look and allows light to travel easily within any space. It’s versatile and can complement any room.

As an added bonus, it can make some rooms look more spacious.

Lighted stairs

Combining light with stairs can add ambiance to any space. The idea of light started as a safety measure to alert users to the placement of steps. Many designers have used the same idea to emphasize their stair designs and create a pop-out element.

Lighting can add a touch of elegance, a bit of intrigue and help create different vibes for the users.

Floating staircases

To create a simple, contemporary-looking design, floating staircases hide the supporting structure so it appears the stair treads are floating.

Whether creating a minimalistic look that can blend in or using contrasting materials that will make the stairs stand out and add a stylish look, it can transform any home.

Storage stairs

For those living in smaller homes, maximizing storage space is a major need. With storage stairs, items can be displayed on shelves or storage can be created underneath the staircase – an area that’s typically not well utilized.

Drawers can also be added under the treads to create more discreet storage areas.

For help designing and building the perfect staircase for your home, visit www.hbagc.net for more information and visit the Annual Fall Home Show on Sept. 24-25 at the Chattanooga Convention Center.