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Front Page - Friday, July 1, 2022

It’s the little things: Simple repairs help sell your home

If you’re ready to put your home on the market, you’ll likely want to sell it quickly and secure the best price.

Most homes have general wear and tear – and potential homebuyers will take notice. At the same time, you might not have a large budget to spend on your current home, especially if you’re trying to buy a new home.

To help you focus on the areas of your home that will attract buyers, consider the following simple home repairs.

Refresh your home exterior

Once you put your home on the market, you want your home to stand out and make a good first impression.

Realtor Leatha Eaves of Coldwell Banker Pryor Realty says evaluating your home’s curb appeal is the best place to start – although an exterior refresh doesn’t need to involve a complete landscape redesign.

“Do a quick cleanup to remove dead or dying plants and add blooming ones. Always ensure your front entry and porches are clean. And add a fresh coat of paint to your front door and replace the doorknob if needed. These things can give your home an instantly inviting look.”

Once your front yard and entryway are tidy, check your home’s exterior for wear and tear. Consider adding a fresh coat of paint to the outside of your home and repair any cracked or chipped siding.

Inspect your HVAC unit

Homebuyers do not want to be faced with a repair bill immediately after purchasing a house. If you have a central air conditioning unit in your home, make sure it’s working optimally.

If cool air isn’t filling the entire home when the unit is turned on, or if your unit makes loud noises, it’s a sign it needs to be repaired.

It’s best practice to have the HVAC unit inspected before your home is put on the market so future buyers can rest assured their new cooling system will work properly.

Acceptable flooring

Snagged carpet, broken tiles and stains on flooring detract homebuyers. The floors in your home should be in good condition.

Dirty carpet should be cleaned or replaced. Make sure any new flooring is consistent with the style and color of existing flooring to avoid a patchwork design.

Buyers want to be able to visualize the space they will live in, so a neutral or tan carpet works best.

If you find wood flooring in good condition under the carpet you’re replacing, you should consider keeping it in place. Wood flooring is much more attractive for many homebuyers.

Spruce up your bathrooms

You’d be surprised by how a small repair, such as caulking around the sink or tub, can provide big results. Removing the dirt and grime from the bathroom in your home can make a positive impression on buyers.

The flooring condition is as important as it is in the other areas of your home. Fix any broken or chipped tile and steam clean the floors.

Investing in these small home repairs before selling your home can potentially increase your sell price and help ensure your listing doesn’t last long.

For more information on home buying or selling or new home construction, visit the Home Builders Association of Greater Chattanooga’s website at www.HBAGC.net.