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Front Page - Friday, June 17, 2022

Jean-Marie sober living opened by Launch Pad

The Launch Pad, a 12-step sober living program for women in recovery, opened its second home June 9.

Karen Hutton, founder, CEO and president of Hutton Construction, Real Estate and Development Company, funded the home, which The Launch Pad has dubbed The Jean-Marie Home.

The home will host 10 residents and is located in Chattanooga’s southside.

Hutton’s personal journey consists of 37 years of recovery.

The Launch Pad provides a haven for its residents for up to two years. During that time, residents attend weekly Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous meetings and group therapy sessions.

They also obtain gainful employment and enhance life skills.

Launch Pad founder and president Scottie Bowman started building the organization’s first home in October 2018. The home opened in 2020 and hosts eight residents.

Bowman’s recognized the need for a safe place for women to recover throughout her 20-year journey in recovery. This led to the creation of the Launch Pad.

Board members serving the Launch Pad include Bowman, Melodye Zimmerman (secretary), Kristen Hutton (vice president), Kathy Clark, Mark Hite, Donna Nelson Coleman, Susan Stein, Dr. Deborah DiStefano, Christi Homar; Randy Durham and Jamie Buttram.


Source: The Launch Pad