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Front Page - Friday, September 3, 2021

Things to consider before breaking ground on a pool

Deciding to install an in-ground pool is a costly investment. Homeowners considering a pool should thoroughly research their options before the investment. Here are some things to consider before you jump in.


In-ground pools cost tens of thousands of dollars. Be sure to know your budget ahead of time and get multiple quotes.

Remember to include the costs of filters, lighting, electrical work, a heater, cleaning supplies, furniture, landscaping and fencing. Other fees might include retaining walls, dirt hauling and extra concrete or decking.

Also, research the lifetime cost of owning a pool.

Rules and regulations

Check your local and state regulations on building a pool. In Tennessee and Georgia, a fence of a minimum of 48 inches height is required around pools.

Also know the proper city and county permits you will need before starting, and where your property lines are, as you cannot install a pool directly on them.

If your neighborhood has an HOA, be sure to check the rules regarding pools. Also, check with your insurance company to see what they require for covering a house with a pool.

Underground utilities

Find and point out to your contractor where all sewer or septic tanks, field lines, gas lines, telecommunication lines and underground downspout draining pipes are located.

Type of pool

There are three basic types of in-ground pools: liner, fiberglass and gunite (concrete). Each comes with pros and cons such as differences in costs, maintenance and time frame on installation. Thoroughly research each type of pool to find which will best meet your family’s needs.

Shape, size and design

When choosing the size and shape of your pool, consider the activities for which your family plans to use it. For example, for swimming laps, you would want a longer pool than one for recreational use.

Do you want a tanning ledge, infinity edge or bench seating? What shape of a pool would look best in your yard?

What else will be incorporated in the design of your outdoor space? Fire tables, hot tubs, bars, and outdoor kitchens are some additions homeowners build into their outdoor pool area. These will affect the size of your patio area.

Consider the landscaping you will incorporate. Potted plants add color and texture around the pool. Large plants or palm trees are attractive ways to add privacy.

How many people will be using the pool? If you have children, keep in mind they will have friends over, which will increase the number of people using the pool.

Pool contractor

The pool contractor you hire will greatly impact the final outcome of your outdoor area. When researching who to hire, check their reviews and ask for references.

You can also find a list of reputable pool contractors, landscaping companies and other home improvement specialists in the membership directory at www.HBAGC.net.