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Front Page - Friday, April 23, 2021

Chattanooga Bar remembers those lost in 2020

Jerry Summers presents his resolution for the late Carter Schoolfield during the Chattanooga Bar Association’s 2021 memorial ceremony, held April 16 at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church. - Photo by David Laprad | Hamilton County Herald

Members of the Chattanooga Bar Association assembled at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church April 16 for the association’s annual memorial celebration, during which they remembered their “brothers and sisters of the bar and bench who have died,” presiding judge Kyle Hedrick explained.

“This is a most worthy exercise,” Hedrick continued. “It’s when we gather not to mourn their loss but to celebrate their lives and remember their legacy, particularly within the legal community.”

Family members and friends joined the socially distanced gathering, which was also broadcast virtually.

During the ceremony, members of the bar presented resolutions for each of the deceased to a group of Hamilton County judges.

The CBA members who died in 2020 and the friends and colleagues who memorialized them included:

George Edward Koontz

Died Feb. 17, 2020

“As attorneys, we strive to be respected by our clients. George was beloved.” – James McKoon

Gregg Michael Luhowiak

Died March 5, 2020

“I’m grateful I chose Mike to be my mentor when I became an associate, although the main thing he taught me had nothing to do with the law. He taught me family comes first and led by example.” – Cassie Rieder

Sam Jones II

Died May 15, 2020

“Sam was thoughtful, kind, honest, considerate and humble. He took the time to make other people’s lives better and knew the value of his life lies not in what he did but who he was.” – Linda Norwood

The Hon. David Wilson Norton

Died May 22, 2020

“As was said of David during his 2012 election campaign, no monuments will be built for him, but he has loved his community with all his heart.” – R. Dee Hobbs

Phil McCoy Durrence, Jr.

Died Aug. 28, 2020

“Phil was generous, fun-loving and quick with a joke. He was also a good man, a good father, a good friend and a smart and innovative lawyer.” – Craig Allen

Carter Schoolfield

Died Sept. 24, 2020

“Before the rules of procedure, Carter was tremendous trial lawyer. He led a turbulent life as an attorney and a son of a controversial father, but he was a true warrior in support of his clients in a bygone era.” – Jerry Summers

David Haines Rotroff

Died Oct. 17, 2020

Resolution presented by Jeffrey Maddux on behalf of the CBA

Arvin Reingold

Died Oct. 18, 2020

“Arvin was truly a legend in the law, and we will never forget him.” – Judge Kevin Wilson

Theresa Ann Swafford

Died Nov. 7, 2020

Resolution presented by Jeffrey Maddux on behalf of the CBA

John Tate Rice

Died Nov. 9, 2020

“John was a tenacious litigator. Whether he was representing a plaintiff or a defendant, he could argue with the best lawyers and rarely gave in until the judge told him that was enough. He represented his clients vigorously in both victory and defeat.” – Sam Elliott, reading the resolution prepared by Richard Marcus

Alan Ruderman

Died Dec. 16, 2020

Resolution prepared and presented by Stephen Stark