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Front Page - Friday, March 13, 2020

Spring means it’s time for a deep clean

Winter is almost over, and spring is knocking at the door. That means it’s time to make your home sparkle and shine with a bit of spring cleaning.

Cleaning out clutter and grabbing the vacuum are some of the obvious chores, but here are four tasks you might not think of that can help get your house ready for those warmer temps and longer days ahead.

Dust forgotten places

Sure, you know the main areas. Tables? Check. Mantle? Got it. Lampshade. Done. But what about the top of the doorway? Those family pictures hanging in the hallway?

Paying attention to these areas can really make your home sparkle. Make sure to dust first so your vacuum can get rid of the dust that falls to the floor.

Clean behind appliances

Remember the half-eaten chicken nugget you dropped and watched roll between the stove and refrigerator? Well, it’s still there, probably with some other “friends.”

Spring is a good time to tackle all the forgotten food crumbs and massive dust bunnies living behind your stove and refrigerator. Cleaning these items can also help improve the smell of your home!

Clean garbage cans

This might be one of the least glamorous tasks, but it can be a great way to combat germs and odors inside your home.

Give the trash cans in your kitchen, bathrooms and bedrooms a thorough cleaning, and remember to check your outdoor garbage cans and recycling containers, too.

Replace air filters

Spring brings a lot of great things with it, but it also brings pollen. This yellow stuff can trigger allergies and make it hard to breath.

This isn’t limited to just the outdoors. To help make your home’s air quality the best it can be, replace your air filters on a regular basis. Find out the recommended time to change the filters for your particular system and your lungs will thank you.

Don’t let late winter dirt get you down. Check off these chores now, and by the time spring arrives, you’ll have more time to spend outside and enjoy everything the Greater Chattanooga area has to offer.

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