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Front Page - Friday, March 6, 2020

Bar associations honors late attorneys during annual memorial service

Chattanooga Bar Association President John Harrison presents the resolution he prepared for attorney Bob Walters, who died Jan. 28, 2019. - Photo by David Laprad

The Chattanooga Bar Association held its annual memorial service Feb. 28 in the County Commission Room in the Hamilton County Courthouse. The ceremony remembered the members of the association who died in 2019.

The roster included C. Avery Duff, Michael Anderson, Bill Ortwein, Bob Walters, Richard Klingler, Dale Buchanan, Robert McAllester, John McMahan, Kyle Weems, Stephen Greer, David Nelson, Bud Vincent, John Phillips, Jr., Joseph Timberlake, L. Hale Hamilton and W. Lloyd Stanley.

Chattanooga Bar Association President John Harrison shared a story about his search for a word that represents the relationship between the members of the bar. He settled on the word “order,” as it refers to a group of religious adherents or knights.

“It comes from the Latin word ordinem, which is a row of threads on a loom which, when woven together, create a fabric,” Harrison said. “As we honor the lives of our brothers who have left us, I hope we’ll also resolve to preserve the order this ceremony represents.”

The Hon. Marie Williams presided. “These were good men who made valuable contributions to our profession and to the community. It is only right that we honor and remember them today,” she said.

Rev. Brad Whitaker, rector at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, provided the invocation and benediction.

Source: Chattanooga Bar Association