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Front Page - Friday, February 28, 2020

Civic Dinners to engage Chattanoogans on issues related to economic mobility

The City of Chattanooga is partnering with Civic Dinners for conversations that challenge citizens to examine the factors that affect economic mobility and quality of life in the community.

As part of the Chattanooga Dream initiative launched in late 2019, Mayor Andy Berke is inviting Chattanooga residents, business leaders and organizations to the dinner table over the coming months to discuss quality of life and the factors that contribute to stalled economic mobility in Chattanooga.

Dinners will be held in people’s homes and restaurants or cafes across the city.

“These dinners will let residents engage with people throughout our city and share ideas with each other – and with us – in a way that builds community,” Berke says.

Each host can invite six to 10 guests to dinner in their home or a restaurant. The host then leads a conversation with three main questions, with each guest having equal time to share. Comments, ideas and feedback gathered over the course of the dinners will be incorporated into the plan to improve economic mobility in the city.

The two conversations on the table are quality of life and economic mobility.

Conversations centered on quality of life will consider the things that constitute a good life and how the community can ensure every resident of Chattanooga has access to the resources and opportunities needed to thrive.

Discussions about economic mobility will explore the barriers people in Chattanooga face and how the community can create economic opportunity for everyone.

Information on the Chattanooga Dream Civic Dinners, including how to become a host or attend

Source: Office of the Mayor