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Front Page - Friday, January 3, 2020

Anderson finds right fit after career at Amazon

Heather Anderson is a residential Realtor with Keller Williams Realty on Premier Drive. She says her days as a buyer’s agent with a real estate team prepared her to succeed on her own. - Photograph provided

Heather Anderson’s job as an area manager for Amazon had placed great demands on her as she supervised associates and juggled tasks, so she was no stranger to hard work when she became a Realtor in 2018.

But Anderson was as green as spring grass when it came to real estate, so instead of winging it on her own she joined Realtor Kelly Jooma’s team, which at the time was housed at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices J Douglas Properties. (Jooma has since moved her team to Keller Williams Greater Downtown Realty.)

Anderson says learning the real estate ropes in a team environment made a difference. “I knew nothing,” she recalls. “But I found a group of people that not only taught me what I needed to know but also supported me.”

Jooma started Anderson in an administrative position, which allowed Anderson to draw a salary while studying for the real estate exam. During this time, Anderson learned the logistics of the industry and how documents are prepared and executed.

After becoming licensed in September 2018, Anderson became a buyer’s agent with Jooma’s team. As she launched her new career, her colleagues schooled her on how to become a success.

“I learned how to make an offer and negotiate a deal,” she begins. “On a larger scale, I learned how to serve clients by knowing what they want before they do, how to listen for hidden requests in conversations and how to adapt my personality to different clients.”

Jooma also taught Anderson how to generate business and nurture relationships – not just during the sale but in the years that follow the transaction.

“I saw Heather’s drive and determination,” Jooma says. “All she needed was someone with experience to guide and teach her.”

Anderson says the support and encouragement she received is part of why she survived her rookie year in the business.

“I needed people around me that were going through the same things,” she adds. “Having someone to ask, ‘How do I do this?’ or ‘What do I do now?’ was the best thing for me.”

Like an eagle that was ready to leave the nest, Anderson eventually wanted to see how far she could fly on her own, so in June she became a solo agent with Keller Williams Realty on Premiere Drive.

Anderson was drawn to real estate partly through her love of looking at houses and seeing their potential. But the clincher was her family; she and her husband have five children, and her heavy schedule at Amazon was taking a toll.

“I was missing out on everything at home, and when I could be there, I was so exhausted I really wasn’t there,” she remembers. “It was time for a change.”

When a friend connected Anderson with Jooma, Anderson says she had found a perfect fit. “I was excited about finding someone to acclimate me to the world of real estate,” she says.

Anderson is still thrilled about her new career and looking forward to reaching new horizons. “My goal for my business is to continue to grow in sales each year and to be there for my clients,” she continues.

No matter how Anderson goes on her own, she’ll always remember her start in the business and the nurturing environment in which she took her first steps.

“Whenever I have questions or run into issues, I can pick up the phone and ask Kelly for guidance,” she says. “She’s still there to congratulate me on my successes and encourage me to keep going.”