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Front Page - Friday, November 29, 2019

Chattanooga Police install third set of public safety cameras

The Chattanooga Police Department has added eight public safety cameras to its network, bringing the number of cameras around the city focusing on violent crime and deterring acts of violence to 37. Provided by Convergint Technologies, the system is known as Crime Eye.

The CPD used community input, three years of statistical crime data, qualitative intelligence, officer experience and vendor consultation to determine the placement of the new cameras.

The CPD’s crime analysis unit analyzed the crime that’s inflicted the most social harm throughout the city, narrowed down to the densest locations by block numbers.

These locations were then provided to the CPD’s neighborhood policing bureau to provide input based on their observations and experiences during their shifts.

Next, the locations were presented to community members for input.

The CPD used the same criteria to determine the locations of the initial 15 public safety cameras installed in June 2017 and the 14 cameras installed in November 2018.

The new cameras are located at:

• 101 E. 20th St.

• 2100 Milne St.

• 2002 Sharp St.

• 916 N. Orchard Knob Ave.

• 900 Wheeler Ave.

• 1800 Wilson St.

• 4500 Dodds Ave.

• 2600 E. 23rd St.

The video from the cameras feeds into the CPD’s Real Time Intelligence Center. The RTIC is a centralized intelligence, technology, analysis and investigative center housed at the police service center.

The CPD’s investigators use the video to build cases and hold offenders accountable.

Since Jan. 1 of this year, investigators have either monitored or investigated 1,534 incidents. Video was usable as evidence in 69% of violent crime incidents.

Source: Chattanooga Police Department