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Front Page - Friday, March 29, 2019

Spring cleaning in the great outdoors

Spring is finally in the air in the Chattanooga area, so it’s a great time to give your home’s exterior and yard a thorough refreshing.

Assess your property from a distance (taking pictures can help you see things differently) and decide what might boost its curb appeal. Then get a little closer to focus in on areas that need specific improvements.

Follow these suggestions to get started:

• Power wash your house or give it a fresh coat of paint. Check for chipping paint (especially around windows and doors), lightly sand the entire exterior and then give it a fresh coat.

• While you’re at it, paint your front door a new color.

• Declutter outdoor items and re-organize sheds and workshops. Purge old garden tools, broken pots, yard art and leftover construction materials.

• Rinse, dust and clean your remaining items. Give your clippers and mower blades a good sharpening.

• Set up bins and hooks to keep frequently used items easily accessible. Sometimes, stashing everything away will actually encourage you to leave it lying around next time you use it.

• Give rusty outdoor furniture a facelift or donate it to a community organization. Rearrange seating areas and paint furniture in a surprising color.

• Conceal garbage cans, recycle bins, electrical boxes and air conditioning units with lattice fencing or hedges.

• Clean up sticks, limbs, leaves and other debris that’s fallen into the yard over the winter. Remove shrubs and trees that didn’t make it through the last freeze. Pull weeds and redefine the edging.

• Once the temperature warms, replenish last year’s mulch to protect roots and to keep your soil moist during the hot months ahead.

• Simplify your yard by combining smaller beds into one that flows. Try a freeform shape to give the appearance of separate beds without the need to mow around too many areas.

• Try something new. Give your yard an interesting focal point by installing a water feature or planting a new tree.

• Give these items a weekend or two of your attention and see how quickly the dreariness of winter gives way to the freshness and color of springtime.

Need help? Visit the Home Builders Association of Greater Chattanooga online directory at www.HBAGC.net.