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Front Page - Friday, March 8, 2019

Coonrod appointed to national council on race

The National League of Cities has appointed Chattanooga City Council member Demetrus Coonrod to its Race, Equity and Leadership Council. - Photo by David Laprad | Hamilton County Herald

The National League of Cities has appointed Chattanooga City Councilwoman Demetrus Coonrod (District 9) to its Race, Equity and Leadership Council. REAL aims to strengthen the leadership of local elected officials, eliminate racial disparities, heal racial tensions and build more equitable communities.

“I’m honored to raise my voice for the people of Chattanooga through this appointment,” Coonrod says. “My neighbors in District 9 and from across the city are looking to their elected leaders to bring greater equity and unity to our community. I’m ready and more than willing to serve them in that capacity.”

As a REAL council member, Coonrod will play a role in shaping the NLC’s policies and advocate on behalf of Chattanooga and other U.S. cities before Congress, before the administration and at home.

The NLC appointed Chattanooga Mayor Andy Berke to a two-year term on its board of directors in November 2018.

“Councilwoman Coonrod has been a strong voice for her community and our city,” Berke says. “She’s been a champion for equity and equality in our city and will be a great addition to the REAL council.”

The leadership of this year’s council is Co-Chair Lovely Warren (mayor, Rochester, New York), Co-Chair Kate Stewart (mayor, Takoma Park, Maryland), Co-Vice Chair Jake Spano (mayor, St. Louis Park, Minnesota) and Co-Vice Chair Russel Neal Jr. (councilman, Akron, Ohio).

Source: National League of Cities