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Front Page - Friday, December 21, 2018

Moscow Ballet bringing ‘Great Russian Nutcracker’ to Tivoli Theatre

Moscow Ballet’s signature Dove of Peace - Photographs provided

The Great Russian Nutcracker will be at the Tivoli Theatre on Sunday, Dec. 30, for two performances. Purchase tickets at www.nutcracker.com/buy-tickets.

The dove is a multicultural symbol of purity and peace embraced by Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. It also is the central theme of Moscow Ballet’s holiday spectacular, “Great Russian Nutcracker.”

Moscow Ballet American producer Akiva Talmi describes the Dove of Peace act of the Great Russian Nutcracker as “a peace offering between countries in the midst of conflict.”

The show features the acrobatic dove duet unique to Moscow Ballet. The Dove of Peace role was inspired by Bolshoi Ballet principal dancer Stanislov Vlasov, who was choreographer and balletmaster of Moscow Ballet’s inaugural 1993 “Great Russian Nutcracker.”

The Dove of Peace leads heroine Masha and her Nutcracker prince into the Land of Peace and Harmony (traditionally known as the Land of Sweets).

The two-person Dove of Peace premiered in 2012 on the 20th anniversary tour of “Great Russian Nutcracker” and was debuted by Moscow Ballet’s acclaimed dancer Sergey Chumakov and ballerina Elena Petrichenko, both of whom continue to tour with the company.

In keeping with the theme of peace, “Great Russian Nutcracker” features 12-foot-tall puppets representing classical Russian culture and myth.

In the ballet, Spanish, Arabian, Russian and French couples also demonstrate dances inspired by their cultures and are accompanied by puppets symbolic of that country’s unique attributes.

For example, the Spaniard bull represents the gift of daring; the Arabian elephant brings the gift of wisdom; the Russian bear bestows strength; and the French unicorn imparts imagination.

Moscow Ballet annually tours North America performing “Great Russian Nutcracker,” “Swan Lake,” “Sleeping Beauty,” “Romeo and Juliet,” “Cinderella” and more.

Source: Moscow Ballet