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Front Page - Friday, November 23, 2018

Robbery trend, safety reminder

The Chattanooga Police Department is seeing an increase in robberies involving people who are buying and selling items through mobile apps and websites. Some of the victims were robbed at gunpoint of the items they were trying to sell, along with other items.

As a crime prevention measure, the CPD has designated a space in front of the Police Service Center at 3410 Amnicola Highway as a safe exchange zone. The purpose of the safe exchange zone is to protect Chattanooga community members while swapping, trading, and buying or selling items, or during child custody exchanges.

The designated location has several video cameras which record around the clock to ensure a safe transaction. Anyone wanting to make a transaction does not need to check in with the CPD but should park in the designated safe exchange zone area to complete their business.

Even though there’s a designated area with cameras at the CPD, the police still recommend meeting to make exchanges during daylight hours and telling a friend or family member where you’re going.

Source: CPD