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News - Friday, July 31, 2015

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Magistrate Judge William B. Mitchell Carter retires

As a criminal defense lawyer, the Hon. William B. Mitchell Carter lost cases at every level of state and federal court, including the U.S. Supreme Court. But as a lawyer and a U.S. magistrate judge, he won the admiration and respect of everyone he met. His time on the bench ended Wednesday with his retirement.

Chattanooga Property Shop offering the woman’s touch in real estate

It shouldn’t have worked, or so conventional wisdom suggests. But it did.

Diane Patty and Lisa Brown shouldn’t be on course to break $30 million in real estate sales this year. But they are.

People rarely leave a lifetime of doing other things to start a new business in their late 40s. Likewise, women typically don’t strike out on their own at that phase in life.

‘Blind Side’ matriarch signs books at SHE Expo

Leigh Anne Tuohy, matriarch of the Tuohy family who inspired the hit film, “The Blind Side,” was in Chattanooga on July 25 for the 7th Annual She Expo, which took place at the Chattanooga Convention Center. While here, she signed copies of her new full-year devotional book, “Turn Around.” The book uses scripture to challenge people to re-think what giving means.

Chattanooga Bar Foundation announces new Fellows

The Chattanooga Bar Foundation this week announced its newest Fellows.

The Class of 2015 Fellows include John Randolph Bode, Roy C. Maddox, Jr., Timothy L. Mickel, Alicia Brown Oliver, Bart Quinn, Ross I. Schram, and Richard A. Schulman.

Incorporated in 1989, the Bar Foundation is the charitable and educational arm of the Chattanooga Bar Association (CBA). Through the Foundation, the CBA supports various charities and participates in community service, outreach programs, and educational projects. Each year, the Foundation selects new Fellows, members which provide the funding for these efforts.

Financial Focus
Take action to leave the legacy you desire

August is What Will Be Your Legacy Month. If you knew this, you have an unusual knowledge of obscure celebrations. But even if you weren’t aware of this “month,” you can see that the idea behind it — the importance of leaving a legacy — is an important one. What should you do to help ensure you’ll leave the type of legacy you desire?

Are We There Yet?

People who like movies have a favorite. People who love movies couldn’t possibly choose.

– Nicole Yatsonsky

Summer brings the heat, and this 2015 version, while starting slow and giving false hope for more mildness and moisture, decided to return to its miserable triple-digit roots. Thus, unless you enjoy sweat and hot discomfort, you might try the darkness of a cool theater, even though, according to the BBC, a really great American film hasn’t been made in over four decades.

Kay’s Cooking Corner
It’s hot! Time to get grillin’!

It’s hot outside! And we have just moved into the dog days of summer, so more than likely, it’s going to stay that way for a while. Have you ever wondered where “dog days of summer” originated? I checked the Internet for an answer, and as usual, I found several. Here’s the one I liked the most”

Pryor Realty celebrates 30 years with Coldwell Banker

Coldwell Banker Pryor Realty this month celebrated its 30th anniversary as an affiliate of the Coldwell Banker network. Coldwell Banker Real Estate President and Chief Executive Officer Budge Huskey recently presented the company with a trophy honoring its accomplishment.

REALTOR ASSOCIATION president’s message
Building dreams into reality

Many calls to Realtors are from buyers who seek new construction. While some people wish to buy a builder’s spec home, others are looking to purchase a lot and build their dream home. Realtors and builders often collaborate to make these dreams a reality. After all, the last thing you want to do is fall in love with a lot, get it under contract and then learn you cannot build the home you want. Many factors come into play when building a home from the ground up, including neighborhood covenant and restrictions, price per square foot and septic restrictions. So whether do you start?

Veterans raise U.S. flag outside Realtor Association

A group of veterans raise a U.S. flag outside the Chattanooga Association of Realtors prior to the funeral procession of U.S. Marine Corps Staff Sgt. David Wyatt July 24. Wyatt was killed in the July 16 shootings at the Naval Operational Support Center and Marine Corps Reserve Center on Amnicola Highway. According to the veterans, the flag was retrieved from a battleship captured during the Korean War. Wyatt was laid to rest at Chattanooga’s National Cemetery.

The Critic's Corner
‘Southpaw’ misses more than it hits

How many times has this story been told? The one about the talented boxer who must overcome towering odds as he works his way to the title fight? Often enough I grew bored while watching “Southpaw.” Once I realized where the story was going, there was little to do but settle into my seat and count story beats.

I Swear
Poor Richard’s appeal

In the first Poor Richard’s Almanack (1733), addressed to “Courteous Reader,” Ben Franklin wrote,

I might … attempt to gain thy Favour, by declaring that I write Almanacks with no other View than that of the publick Good; but in this I should not be sincere…. The plain Truth of the Matter is, I am excessive poor, and my Wife, good Woman, is … excessive proud … and has threatened … to burn all my Books and Rattling-Traps … if I do not make some profitable Use of them…. The Printer has offer’d me [a] share of the Profits, and I have thus begun to comply with my Dame’s desire … /s/ Richard Saunders

50 Years Ago
What was happening in Chattanooga in 1965

Saturday, July 31, 1965

Cathy Baker, 12-year-old daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Merton Baker, established a new national 12-and-under record Thursday in the state swimming meet with a time of 2:27.4 in the 200-meter freestyle in the opening session of the Tennessee State Swimming and Diving Championships.

100 Years Ago
What was going on in Chattanooga in 1915

Saturday, July 31, 1915

Friday was the hottest day of the month. The thermometer registered 96-degrees at 2 p.m.

Mrs. Julius Young Talmadge has returned to her home in Athens, Ga., after a visit with her family and friends here.