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News - Friday, May 27, 2022

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40 years after the Knoxville World’s Fair
It was both a big hit and a herald of hard times for the ‘scruffy little city’

In 1982, the “scruffy little city” did it. Despite some near-death experiences, what is billed by some as the last successful world’s fair to date was held in Knoxville from May to October that year.

It was a loud, colorful and often bizarre mix of events and cultures, and brought global attention and more than 11 million visitors to East Tennessee and the state.

Where are they now? Mislaid, made-over attractions

The 1982 World’s Fair had a lot to see, from new and repurposed buildings to ground-level artwork installations.

With input from Visit Knoxville’s Kim Bumpas and historian Jack Neely, here’s a very incomplete list of what wound up where.

Dive into the history of the 1982 World’s Fair

World’s Fair enthusiasts or those simply curious about what the 1982 event was all about have a six-month plethora of ways to learn about the event – about 300 all told, Visit Knoxville’s Kim Bumpas says.

Front and center is “You Should’ve Been There,” an interactive exhibit at the Museum of East Tennessee History, where memorabilia and more can be found.

D’oh! Sunsphere immortalized

One of the great cultural honors of the 1990s was to be featured in an episode of the Fox animated sitcom The Simpsons. The 1982 World’s Fair and the Sunsphere achieved that honor in the March 31, 1996, episode “Bart on the Road.”

Evans’ path to law, Chattanooga seems inescapable
Family plays hand in career path, choice of locale

Growing up, Nicole Evans ate meals at an incubator for future attorneys.

It was actually her family’s dining room table, where she sat with her father, a police officer; her mother, a professor of criminology; and her now-late grandmother, a criminal defense and family law attorney and one of the first female lawyers in Oklahoma, Evans says.

Sit quietly and do the work? No way!
Little finds real estate a better for her personality

Tiffany Little knew she’d chosen the wrong career when her boss reprimanded her for being too sociable.

Little, 32, elected to major in accounting at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga after briefly exploring nursing and social work, drawn to what she thought would be lucrative starting pay.

Median area home price hits $373K, up 15%

It’s hard to believe summer is just around the corner. While rising temperatures usually signal a “hot” real estate market is on its way, the housing market actually has not cooled off for the past couple of years.

The April market statistics show homes continue to sell at a very fast pace. However, a few national factors are starting to affect the real estate industry.

Homebuyers rank their top home technology features

The evolution of technology has opened a range of possibilities for a connected home. Now more than ever, remote-controlled, voice-activated devices and wireless appliances are becoming the norm.

The National Association of Home Builders recently surveyed prospective and recent homebuyers and found that the most desired technology features in the home are related to comfort and security.

VW Chattanooga announces $3K bonuses, new hires

To recognize the efforts of its production team as it prepares for electric vehicle assembly, Volkswagen Chattanooga is giving all of its production and maintenance team members and team leaders a $3,000 bonus.

Additionally, the company will offer a $3,000 signing bonus to production and maintenance team members hired May 16-Oct. 31.

Nooga Splash opening May 28 with new owners

Chattanooga Presents has purchased Nooga Splash, a 31-piece inflatable obstacle course on the Tennessee River. The upcoming season will launch Memorial Day Weekend at Chester Frost Park beach and run through September.

Nooga Splash will be open from 11 a.m.-8 p.m. Sunday-Friday, 10 a.m.-8 p.m. Saturdays. Sessions will include one hour, four hours and all-day.

Newsmakers: Mathis moves from Regions to Pinnacle

Michael Mathis, a 31-year Chattanooga banking veteran, is joining Pinnacle Financial Partners.

Mathis, formerly the market president for Regions Bank, will be the firm’s Chattanooga president and work on a leadership team with Chairman Craig Holley, Regional President Kenny Dyer, Area Executive Mark Feemster and Area Manager Ryan Murphy.

Hamilton County Schools names new principals

As Hamilton County Schools prepare for the 2022-2023 school year, the district is overhauling its roster of principals.

Deputy Superintendent Dr. Sonia Stewart says the appointment of new principals fulfills one of the district’s greatest obligations.

St. James named Motorcar Festival grand marshal

The Chattanooga Motorcar Festival has named racing driver Lyn St. James, the 1992 Indianapolis 500 Rookie of the Year, its grand marshal for 2022. The third annual event is scheduled for Oct. 14-16.

St. James started her career in 1973 as an amateur Sports Car Club of America competitor while living and working in Florida.

Financial Focus: What investors can – and can’t – control

As an investor, you can easily feel frustrated to see short-term drops in your investment statements. But while you cannot control the market, you may find it helpful to review the factors you can control.

Many forces affect the financial markets, including geopolitical events, corporate profits and interest rate movements – forces beyond the control of most individual investors.

Personal Finance: Move junk or make money: Keys to yard sale success

A successful yard sale involves hours of preparation and plenty of hard work. So does an unsuccessful sale. I’ve had both kinds and can confidently say the version that makes money is better.

If you’re ready to take advantage of warmer weather and the opportunity to declutter, consider these tips culled from experts (and bitter experience) for having a good sale.

Book review: When ‘we’ve always done it that way’ isn’t good enough

Everybody in. The meeting’s about to start, the train is leaving soon and the car is idling, so pack it up and let’s go. We’re not leaving anyone behind. With “Inclusion Revolution” by Daisy Auger-Domínguez, we can be sure that no one’s missed.

Behind the Wheel: What to know before getting your car wrapped

Wrapping a vehicle in vinyl to alter its look was once the domain of show cars, luxury and exotics but has now gone mainstream as part of a growing multibillion-dollar industry.

A car wrap is a series of vinyl decals that allows an owner to change the look of a vehicle without the long-term commitment of a traditional paint job. Think of it as a temporary tattoo for your car.