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News - Friday, April 18, 2014

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Community supports sexual assault survivors

The community was invited to the atrium of the Hamilton County Courts Building on Tuesday for the reading of the Proclamation for Sexual Assault Awareness Month and to honor those who work to end sexual violence in our community.

The Sexual Assault Response Team was recognized for its ongoing efforts to stop sexual assault and to provide crucial services to survivors. Sponsors of the event were Partnership for Families, Children and Adults, the City of Chattanooga, and Hamilton County.

Realtors learn the art of self-defense

A handful of Chattanooga area Realtors this week learned new skills for their profession that had nothing to do with the MLS, earning the ABR designation, or becoming an eco-friendly agent.

Rather, they learned how to perform wrist grabs, bear hugs, and choke holds.

Rep. Vince Dean says public service is his life

Rep. Vince Dean of the Tennessee General Assembly says public service is not a way of life for him, it is his life. For 35 years, he’s served the public in one capacity or another, all generally geared toward helping people.

Before Dean was known as “Representative Dean,” many people knew him as “Officer Dean.” He started his career in public service as a dispatcher with the Chattanooga Police Department in 1979.

One hot chick
River City Roundabout

In a funny episode of my favorite television show, “Frasier,” Niles Crane and his brother think back on the wonderful meal they’d just eaten at a five-star restaurant.

As they recall the food and the standard of service, they’re in a state of near bliss. Then Niles mentions a small detail that failed to meet his well-heeled standards. While sipping sherry and nodding smugly, Niles says, “There’s nothing better than a great meal with one tiny flaw you can pick at.”

‘Oculus’ delivers the goods
The Critic's Corner

Scary movies are supposed to startle and surprise, but they’ve become routine.

You know when someone is going to pop into frame from behind the person you’re watching, and you know there will be a loud “BUM!” to announce their sudden presence. (In Scary Movie World, surprises make sounds.)

My idea for a backcountry hunter’s hut

The Napkin Sketch Series lunch is a monthly design charette held with business contacts seeking a casual atmosphere for discussing business development ideas.

Started in January 2014, topics range from residential renovations and commercial development to property analysis or even business graphics and websites.

Fountain at Hamilton Corner dedicated to Siskin Children’s Institute

Hamilton Place officials held a dedication ceremony last weekend to celebrate the inauguration of the Siskin Children’s Institute Fountain, dedicated to bringing awareness and support to children with special needs and their families.

The fountain will serve as a reminder of the iconic wishing wells Mose and Garrison Siskin placed all over the city to allow anyone the opportunity to give a penny or more toward the Siskin mission of helping children with special needs.

Chattanooga State to host health and wellness expo

The Community Health Institute at Chattanooga State will host the 7th Annual Health, Fun, and Wellness Expo Friday, May 2, from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. in the Health Science Center, located on the Amnicola campus.

The large, comprehensive health fair is open to the public, and will offer numerous free health screenings and exhibits from area health professionals and wellness-related organizations.

Three state criminal justice agencies honor crime victims

Trees were planted in eight communities across Tennessee last week to recognize and honor victims of crime.

The Tennessee Board of Parole, the Department of Correction, and TRICOR partnered to plan the events, which also honored victim advocates during National Crime Victims’ Rights Week.

Roasted vegetables
Kay's Cooking Corner

I love roasted vegetables. The flavor that comes about when roasting a vegetable as opposed to steaming or boiling one is completely different.

Take carrots or sweet potatoes, for instance. When you boil carrots or sweet potatoes in water, they taste exactly the same as if they were raw.

Brainbuster – Make your brain tingle!

April 22 marks the 42nd anniversary of Earth Day, a day set aside to bring awareness to and promote appreciation for the Earth’s environment. How much do you know about Earth Day? Take this quiz – maybe learn something new!

Do you know the amazing human body?

Once upon a time, I went to school to be in the healthcare field. I love taking care of people, and the human body just amazes me.

I’m actually much better at taking care of other people than myself. I think women tend to do that!

I remember being in school, which was a whirlwind of information of the human body, and always wanting to learn the odd facts about the body, the things that you would not even think about.

From the gallery of tradition
I Swear

AUGUST, GA  —  Overheard in the gallery:

“Where you staying tonight?”

“With you. Didn’t they tell you?”

“You got any cousins coming?”

Saturday at The Masters. The friendly banter I could record! 

Improve your own ‘investment environment’
Financial Focus

On April 22, we celebrate Earth Day — a day devoted to education and action on environmental issues. As a citizen of the world, you may have a keen interest in protecting your physical surroundings.

And as someone trying to reach long-term financial goals, such as a comfortable retirement, you’re probably also interested in improving your investment environment. 

The last of the trial lawyers
Under Analysis

I heard banging and rustling down the hall in the Levison Towers and went to investigate. Not that banging and rustling are unusual in a law office, but they are usually accompanied by loud voices and occasionally cursing. This time, there was nothing but the sound of deliberate movement, without anger or words.

Hold your tongue
View From The Cheap Seats

How many times in your life have you suffered for things you said?

Think back and really consider the things you have said in your life that you came to regret.

Failure to appropriately filter what is about to come out of your mouth during a heated conversation can be quite painful for both you and the target of the snarky comment. So often the best response to a situation iså “no comment.”

Are We There Yet?

If you live in D.C. and are thinking of applying for a job at Walmart, you might want to reconsider and instead fill out an application for admission to Harvard or Yale.

This advice comes on the news that one of the giant retailer’s stores in the nation’s capital has hired 676 people out of the 23,000 who have applied for the right to don the blue vest since the store opened in 2013. (That’s a mere 2.6 percent of applicants.)

Realtors pledge to uphold fair housing laws

As outspoken supporters for fair housing issues and homeownership, the Greater Chattanooga Association of Realtors joins the nation in honoring Fair Housing Month this April.

For more than 100 years, Realtors have promoted and protected the dream of property ownership for millions of Americans and strongly support the Fair Housing Act. 

City of Chattanooga and Brainerd Hills Neighborhood Assoc. dedicate new community sculpture

Public Art Chattanooga this week announced the installation and dedication of a new sculpture in the Brainerd Hills neighborhood.

Selected by the Brainerd Hills Neighborhood Association, the sculpture, entitled, “Fiercely (Over I)” is by Lexington, Ky., artist Andrew Light.

Crye-Leike welcomes Realtor Jeff Dedmon to ‘Ft. O’ branch

Realtor Jeff Dedmon was recently welcomed to Crye-Leike’s Fort Oglethorpe, Ga. branch office.

Dedmon has been a Realtor for three years. He recently transferred to Crye-Leike from Coldwell Banker to be more centrally located for his clients.

Tractor Supply Company, National 4-H Council launch spring Paper Clover Campaign

Tractor Supply Company, in partnership with National 4-H Council, recently announced the launch of its spring 2014 Paper Clover Campaign.

Tractor Supply Company, a farm and ranch supply store chain, raised more than $3.2 million for 4-H programs across the country through the Paper Clover Campaigns over the last four years.

Celebrate Earth Day in your own way
Read All About It

When you write a column on a weekly basis, and it’s the type of column I usually write, very often you find yourself in the direct line of fire for criticism.

It used to really bother me to think that someone would dare to have the nerve to not agree with “good ol’ me” on every opinion I express with ink.