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News - Friday, March 10, 2023

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Liening in: Title pros step up to save deals

It was a day like any other day at Realty Title in East Brainerd when a man walked in and handed one of the employees a piece of paper.

“This is related to one of the properties you’re selling,” the visitor told the worker.

Firm’s new directors took familiar, varied paths

Like other professions, the legal field presents its practitioners with a series of time-honored objectives. From graduating law school to passing the bar exam to becoming an associate with a firm, many lawyers follow a long-established path that’s always pointing them forward.

How much has real estate changed in 10 years?

I’m a data guy. I love numbers, and the more information I have, the better.

In real estate, more data can mean getting a better look at long-term trends, which can lead to better informed decisions.

I often look at monthly housing data compared to the data from a year or two ago. But what if we looked at what the data says about housing over a longer period?

Five ways to spruce up your home for springtime

Those first daffodils and the layer of pollen on your vehicles signal that spring will be here before you know it. As Mother Nature continues to play her yearly game of highs and lows, inspecting and cleaning your home during the transition to warmer weather can make any household easier to manage.

‘Weird and funny things’ await at The Local Dive

I rode a wave of imagination Saturday to a distant planet, where my prize was a blade that could transport me to other universes. Or so the artist of a painting I liked said.

As I gazed at the burnt orange surface of what looked an uninhabitably hot globe, I wondered what other marvels are spinning invisibly through the cosmos, untouchable for humans, save for the dreams that take us there.

UTC SMILE Fund wins for seventh straight year

The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga SMILE Fund (Student Managed Investment Learning Experience) team, housed in the Gary W. Rollins College of Business, took home top honors in the Greater Tennessee Research Challenge for a seventh consecutive year.

Newsmakers: Medal of Honor Heritage Center adds two

The Charles H. Coolidge National Medal of Honor Heritage Center has tapped Kenny Turpen to serve as its director of development and Maranda Wilkinson to act as its director of education.

Turpen brings more than 10 years of development and fundraising experience to the role. He’ll be responsible for managing the Heritage Center’s three annual fundraising events and overseeing its donor development efforts, including the campaign to design and build a new Space Medal of Honor exhibit.

Financial Focus: Have you built an emergency fund?

Many people make financial New Year’s resolutions, such as reducing their debts or contributing more to their retirement accounts — both of which are certainly worthy goals. But among those who planned to make a financial resolution for 2023, the primary reason was the desire to build an emergency savings fund, according to a December 2022 study by research firm Morning Consult.

Personal Finance: How your ex could boost your Social Security pay

Katja Rivera, 64, is a massage therapist and theater director in Berkeley, California, who says she’s never earned more than about $30,000 a year. When her two daughters were small, she sometimes earned much less.

But Rivera was married for 10 years to a man who has consistently earned much more than she has. When Rivera retires in a few years, she expects to receive a Social Security check based on her ex’s greater earnings.

Career Corner: The job interview process isn’t fair; keep pushing

One of the biggest misconceptions we have about job interviews is that they’re fair.

Going through an interview feels a little like taking a test at school, and we’re taught to believe in that environment that enough preparation should help you to overcome any obstacles.

Millennial Money: Credit unions offer viable options as Fed rates rise

In the past year, the Federal Reserve has employed several interest rate hikes in an effort to stabilize the U.S. economy. Depending on your situation and financial institution, your debt may have gotten more expensive or your savings might have grown.

Behind the Wheel: Affordable EVs: The best options for 2023

The push for new, appealing electric vehicles has gained considerable momentum recently. The next few years will see a rollout of EVs in every popular automotive segment, increasing competition and decreasing prices.

At the moment, however, all-electric vehicle development costs remain high, and most new additions are priced well above equivalent gas-powered models.